This project was a part of the App Design course at Drake University, in which we had the freedom to develop our own concept for an app. We were responsible with first coming up with the concept behind the app.... (read more)

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This project is a part of HCA Healthcare’s physician web portal, which allows physicians to provide more information about their background to potential patients. This can include specialties, the physician’s professional history, and what facilities.... (read more)

The audience for the Beautiful Bulldog contest at Drake University is students, alumni, and other interested members of the public. There are around 3,000 spectators that attend the event... (read more)

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This project is an interactive tool I created to train new hires at Access Systems. It is designed to give them all of the background information they need on competitors, as well as potential... (read more)

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The goal for this redesign was to consolidate all of the information and clean up the landing page. Rather than giving the user all of the information right... (read more)

This motion graphic was a project I worked on during my internship at Access Systems as a Digital Marketing Intern. The goal of this project was to... (read more)

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